Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb. 1 Storm

We’re getting some precipitation right now. I’m not sure what it is but it’s either sleet or freezing rain. Is there a difference? Today’s storm was forecast to begin as snow around one o’clock this afternoon. It was just a little late beginning in my neighborhood just a couple miles from the coast around two. When my wife got home about 2:45, she said it was sleeting then and the roads were beginning to set up.

Shortly after she got here, medium size heavy wet snow flakes were covering the ground and making it white. The driveway and walkway are now white, but the snow has changed back. The weather bureau tells us that it all should turn to rain on the south side of Route one and then slowly the rain will take over on the north side. We live on the south side of Route One.

I dislike this kind of weather immensely. Several inches of fluffy white snow sure does beat rain, freezing rain, and ice. Did I mention the forecast says we’ll get from a tenth to a quarter inch of ice? I think I saw some ice beginning to cover the trees outside my house. My daughter, who lives in Portland, called when she got home from work a little while ago and said the roads there hadn’t been treated and she thought they were a little slippery.

We have a police scanner in our house and local police have been responding to accidents quite frequently for the past hour. An ambulance was dispatched to at least one of them. We get a lot of scanner traffic when it storms and it is one way we can follow the storm’s intensity. It also helps me decide whether I’m staying in the safety of my home or venturing out. I normally stay home.

Tomorrow we’re faced with cleaning up. I’m sure the storm won’t leave enough behind for my neighbor to get out his plow. If the forecast is correct and the temperatures rise above freezing, but they’re falling right now, perhaps there won’t be much to clean up tomorrow as the rain will wash most of it away. I guess that’s the storm result I’m hoping for.

I am hoping to attend our town’s caucus tomorrow morning. I’ll be watching the weather closely this evening and early tomorrow morning. If it’s at all slippery, I’ll be staying home, primarily because of a medical condition. If I fall, I’ll break something so I don’t want to create an unnecessary trip. But it would be fun and loyal to participate in some small way. I’ll have to make that decision tomorrow morning.

Maine has a new law and for the first time, 17-year-olds who will turn 18 before November’s elections can participate in caucuses. It will be interesting to see how many will be there.

And another new law not connected with the election process has also gone into effect. Maine students who attend college or university in Maine and stay in Maine to work can get a $5 thousand credit on their income taxes for up to 10 years to help pay student loans. Of course, they have to stay and work here after their education.

Back to topic. As I said earlier, I’d rather have several inches of snow than even a tenth of an inch of ice. For once during the winter months, this time I’m hoping for that warm weather and rain to let me have my day out tomorrow.


Edited: The temperature is now rising slowly and I believe it's all rain here on the south side of Route One.

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