Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will new month bring an end to winter storms?

We had a winter storm in Maine last night. The weather forecast had called for just a wee bit of snow and a lot of rain along the coast south of Route One, but then lots of snow in increasing depths from the rain line to the Canadian Border. All indications were that today was going to be a real difficult day to travel. So yesterday the State Legislature called off all activity for today. I call that a sort of double edged sword. The Legislature didn’t bring more economic woe to the state’s citizens. I don’t have anything to write about. Then the storm pulled a weather trick and raced through the state at breakneck speed and was gone before dawn.

Today is the last Wednesday of February. The last day of every month is a fun day for me. There is a bunch of us retirees who all worked together at the same great place who meet once a month for a couple hours of good food and good conversation. Of course being retired, we don’t use a fancy restaurant. Our meal costs us under $8 each. We agreed Roger Clemens, the former Red Sox star pitcher, might be in just a little difficulty, not because he used steroids but because he lied to Congress. That’s a huge no-no. We talked about spring training games getting underway tomorrow. Two of our group work as ushers at Seadogs’ games, so naturally we talked about Portland’s Red Sox affiliate. And we talked about successes and failures in the high school tournaments that conclude this weekend. Naturally we shared enormous truths about the three members of our group who are living in Florida, two for the winter only.

It’s hard to believe that the baseball season is once again here. The basketball and hockey seasons are still in full swing, yet today we talked baseball. I don’t think anyone in the group is a pro basketball fan. Probably pro hockey would be more popular if our AHL team were affiliated with the Bruins rather than the Ducks. Minor league baseball’s Seadogs packs the fans in and I was told today by one of the ushers that those fans come from all over New England and Eastern Canada. It’s amazing how many people want to see the future Red Sox stars. The last couple of years have been particularly good for both Boston and the ‘Dogs. Several players have gone through Portland to Boston. And most of them have become stars on the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.

Speaking of the Red Sox, today was the day they visited the White House in Washington, D.C. As the World Series Champions they were the guests of President George Bush.

That’s about it for today. We have tomorrow to finish any clearing out because our next weather event is forecast to come in Friday night into Saturday. Hey! Wait! We can’t have a storm Saturday; February will be over.


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