Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not much of a storm! At least here.

Another week is ending. If we had gotten the storm that was predicted, we would have spent most of today cleaning up. But it turned out to be another of the winter storms that our local weather folk didn’t quite hit on the nose. They came pretty close in some areas of Southern Maine, but my neighborhood only got maybe two or three inches of snow instead of the nearly six inches that had been predicted. I do understand that points south of us, Boston down the northeast coast, got hit very hard in the storm.

That meant the cleanup effort left for this morning was easy. A good thing about the snow was it was the light, fluffy type which makes for easy walkway/driveway clearing. I didn’t even get angry at my snow blower this morning and, with a little help from the sunshine, all my tarred areas are black.

A couple of dogs have been having a great romp around our yard. DGD and her sister have found the new snow and the 36 degree temperature to their liking. They come into the house periodically to make sure we’re all here. Each time their golden color is snow white. A little toweling and they’re ready for another romp.

You might be amazed at how much damage a rear-end collision can be done to a car. My daughter was stopped at a red light the other day when another car came around a curve and didn’t see the light. No one hurt. And the guy that hit her admitted to police she was stopped the light and he just wasn’t paying attention. I got to see the damage today when she brought her dog over to romp with ours. The rear bumper needs replacing along with the trunk lid. There’s damage to the side of the car and her light lenses are partially off the car. There more damage, but her repair shop estimate to get it fixed is in the $3000 range. She’s had the car for just one year.

There is one thing our local Time Warner Cable Company does right. Working with Maine Public Television which has the rights to televise the state’s high school basketball tournament, all the championship tourney games are being broadcast from all three tourney locations, Portland, Augusta, and Bangor, on two cable channels. The young athletes, both male and female, are certainly giving their fans a lot to cheer about. I must say that high school sports and the quality of the athletes have changed just a wee bit from when I was in high school back in the 1950s.


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