Monday, February 3, 2014

A "super" bowl it wasn't!

A Gator made watching that game last night worth it!

Yea, I watched the Super Bowl.  Although there was nothing "super" about it.  It's hard to believe we went through two weeks of hype for what was a less than a regular season game.  The exception, of course, was Gator Percy Harvin running the second half kick-off for a touchdown.  Seattle crushed Denver 43 to 8 to win the 2014 Super Bowl.

I rarely watch halftime shows.  Last night's "Pepsi Half Time Show" gave me no reason to try one again.  I was encouraged for a few moments when the drummer (Bruno Mars?  Fantastic) began his sort of solo and then more of the band visibly joined in for another few moments of music.  I hate to admit I liked that part of the show.  But then someone who some people, I gather, think is good, began to try to make some music.  I couldn't call it singing.  It also killed my interest in the halftime show.

Then came Harvin's run!

At least one of the teams did show up for the game.  I think the league may have picked the year's MVP just a wee bit too soon.  He certainly lost any hope for a much heralded potential best quarterback ever.  For me, however, a Bronco's highlight was provided by Wes Welker who showed the Patriot's why they made a mistake during the off-season with a two-point conversion.

It will be interesting to see how many of those much hyped Super Bowl commercials you'll remember next week (even today).  I can't remember any of them this morning; well, maybe one as I'm a sucker for puppies and dogs.  I would bet the Channel Six morning team is still going ga-ga over them, although one member is not there this morning.

Last night's game brought back a memory of a championship game of many, many years ago.  I do remember Chicago won and I'm working on who the loser was.  The game was Super Bowl XX in 1986.  The worst Super Bowl defeat goes to Super Bowl XXIV when the San Francisco 49ers whipped, well, the Denver Broncos in the Superdome in New Orleans.  (The current head of the Broncos was then the team's quarterback, a guy named Ellway.)

That brings about the end of a long football season and now we have to look forward to the college season in a few months.  It won't be as exciting for me, though, unless the Gators have a new head coach in place. 

We do have a college basketball season heading to the championship season and, of course, locally the high school tourneys begin in the next couple of weeks.  Speaking of college basketball, did you by chance catch the Syracuse-Duke game last Saturday?  If you didn't, you missed one heckuva sporting event this weekend.


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