Thursday, February 13, 2014

The storm, it is a-comin'!

Yesterday's comments did get posted and this morning, I'm still getting an error message from Blogger that there is a problem.  It flashes on then off so fast I cannot get a grasp of what the error is.  But I'll continue chancing that this still works.

Thursday morning has dawned (a couple hours ago), but the snow is still way to our south.  The forecast for this day continues to be far less than great with 8 inches or less of new snow, sometimes mixed with sleet or rain or a combination of both, beginning later this morning.  Right now, 7:45ish AM, it is very cloudy in our area.  The forecast says the snow will be heavy at times before ending tomorrow morning.  Parts of Maine could get more than a foot, according to the forecasts; but here along the coast the sleet and rain, especially the rain, will keep the totals down.  Depending on who's saying it, our storm could begin sometime between 10 and noon.

We'll keep your posted.

Edited:  The snow began at about 9:30 AM.

Edit #2 (about 12:39 PM):  Still snowing lightly.  My black driveway has turned white, but there's probably less than an eighth inch of snow on the ground.  Heavy snow is creeping into the area and should be arriving within the hour.  Total potential amounts were upgraded on the noon news.  My area could get up to 10 inches (it won't!) but way up north near the Caribou area, there could be up to 22 inches.  That's a lot of snow!

Edit #3 (about 3:30 PM):  The snow is now coming down rather hard.  And wind is causing it to blow around some.  I haven't stuck my little toe onto the front porch yet to see just how much, but it is piling up.  My guess we've reached the depth that the home plow guys are salivating over.  The radar looks like it'll be snowing for a while, too.  This has the makings of a good ole fashioned Nor-Easter.
Perhaps those "model readers" have gotten this forecast pretty close to being right.

Edit #4 (about 7:30 PM and the day's final update):  The weather radar says we're still getting some snow here in the Greater Portland area, but it's snowing so softly right now that in the dark, I can't see it falling as I look out the window.  The radar also indicates that some areas will experience the end within a few hours as a dry patch is now crossing into Maine from New Hampshire.  My wife Sandra just pushed some snow off the front porch in case we need to evacuate and said there was about  6 inches there.  My plow guy has yet to make his appearance, but he will be here before this night is over.  We'll have a little reprieve Saturday, but guess what's in the forecast for Sunday PM into Monday.  And plow guy is now in the driveway.

And that concludes our updates on this storm for this Thursday.

In another interesting news story this morning, it looks like Time Warner Cable, which supplies cable TV services to our area along with a lot of the country, is being sold to Comcast.  It'll be interesting to see what happens to TWC's already outrageous fees.

Have a good day and stay in and warm.  If you have elderly relatives or neighbors, please check in on them occasionally during this storm to be sure they're O.K.  And to my friends in Florida, enjoy your sunshine so I can be very jealous.


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