Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Red Skies in the morning . . .(Updated...Again)

Edited Wednesday morning to add a quick note at the bottom . . .

Tuesday.  This day dawned with a beautiful sky:
Although by the time I saw it, it was already fading away as red skies in the morning always do.  It was cold with temperatures in the single numbers.  Unfortunately for us, the weather forecaster said this day will not end as nicely.  I'd say the forecast called for the sailors to take warning as, the weather guy said, we will get from 4 to 8 inches of new snow beginning this afternoon.  By late afternoon today, I'll show you how the day ends.
And now the day is ending.  I did take a picture, but it doesn't show the snowflakes.  It is snowing quite hard and the driving is very treacherous.  What this picture may show, if you glance at the one above again, is the snow now obliterates the black driveways.  Four to eight inches are still forecast for tonight, but the storm will be gone probably by 9 or 10 o'clock tonight.
It's now early Wednesday morning and yesterday's storm is long gone.  Actually, as we had been told, it was over between 10 and 10:30 last night in our area.  This morning we were told by the weather people that Portland received 8 inches of new snow as it snowed heavily in what was a true Quick Hitter.  We were able to get most of it out of the way before we went to bed last night.
So, that's it for this winter, right?  Wrong!  Although today began very nicely with clear skies, before this day is over, another storm will race through the area.  However, because of the rising temperatures, we'll have some rain/sleet mix with the snow before it gets out of here late tonight or very early tomorrow morning.
That, say the weather folk, will leave us with a rather nice day Thursday and the beginning of Friday.  Then guess what?  I'll let you work on that one for a while, but don't work too hard at it.
Have a great day.
Edited to add Photo Wed PM
I guess the weather folk knew that of which they spoke.  Sure 'nuff!  Almost right on schedule, the snows came again this afternoon.  We're told this one won't amount to much and, at least here on the coastal plain it could turn to rain later this evening.  Nice day tomorrow then Friday comes.  The accompanying storm then might be all heavy rain, so says the weather folk.
Thursday AM:  Just as the weather people told us, it's a beautiful day this Thursday morning.  The sun is golden in a near clear sky.  As I jot this down, the temperature is 39 degrees and will, in all probability, get into at least the mid-40s before mid afternoon when clouds once again will roll in bringing an all-day rain tomorrow.
And this concludes this week's stormy updates.

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