Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow and maybe more snow

Maine, along with most of the East Coast and Northeast, had a rather significant snow storm Wednesday.  The Greater Portland area received between 7 and 9 inches of new snow, depending on just where one lives.

Thursday dawned beautifully and gave us a chance to do some cleaning.  There'll be more as we just love a black driveway.  Some of it is now black, as is our front walkway, but it still is rather cold outside so times out are limited.  There is, however, no wind which makes the cold tolerable.  My wife Sandra has done much of the cleaning and our plow guy Ed took care of the bulk of the stuff.

 This is a look at the area down that driveway.  All the black was cleared by Sandra with more to come after she warms up a bit.

Both pictures were snapped from the front porch  The bottom one shows a very tall pile of snow resulting from Plow Guy Ed's work.  She wasn't out there at the time I snapped this, but our Golden Retriever Mariah absolutely loves these tall plow drifts.  She'll sit up there for long periods of time simply because it gives her a good view of her world.
No new snow now in the forecast until one of those "iffy" storms could arrive Sunday afternoon into Monday.  That storm is dependent on the ultimate track which one day looks like we'll get clobbered and the next interpretation of the date hints at it going well out to sea south of us.  The weather folk tells us to just wait and see what happens. 
Whatever it is, this is a winter we'll remember.

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