Thursday, January 30, 2014

A success, I think

Well, my surgical procedure is over and the doctor says it was a success.  I used to have a stent across my abdomen, but it broke free from its artery source.  The doc had carefully examined it via several methods and determined it was no longer in use.  In fact, the surgery showed, the blood vessel it had replaced had begun working again.  So the stent which discontinued itself was removed.

From what the doc said, it was not a common occurrence.

I'm happy to say my stay at Maine Medical Center was a good experience.  Every person I met or took advantage of was just plain super nice.  My roommate was also a great guy and we seemed to get along very well.

I haven't mentioned the food to my Fearless Friend.  He had been in the hospital for a procedure a while back and said the food was less than what he was used to at home.  Actually, I think he used a couple adjectives I shouldn't repeat here.  So, since I didn't want him to feel bad, I haven't told him the food I had was just super.  I was somewhat surprised that my breakfast French toast was real, just made French toast, not frozen or anything, and cooked just before it got served.  Excellent.  The night after the surgery I had something they called soup.  The flavor was very good.  In fact the whole thing was good if you don't mind your soup vegetable cut in 3 inch pieces.

A nurse/physical therapist came to my home today for a safety check and to be sure the dressing was changed correctly and to see if I needed regular visits from a visiting nurse.  We decided it wasn't a necessary thing and I passed all the safety checks quite well.

So now I'm on my way to get up and at 'em again.  It is a real good thing to have any necessary surgery behind you and no longer facing you.

Enjoy your weekend.  Probably see you again Monday.


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