Monday, January 13, 2014

The continuing "This and That" non-important stuff

No surprises over the weekend.  The two best teams in the AFL conference of the NFL have moved into the conference championship game next weekend.  Both the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos quite easily whipped their semi-final opponents.  The only problem now is the records of each.  Except for an unexpected loss in Miami, the Pats would have home advantage next weekend.  Instead, Denver has it.  Unfortunately and creating a massive challenge for NE, Denver has had terrible luck in Foxboro while NE's record in Denver is also woefully pathetic, especially in tourney games.  We'll continue though:  Go Pats!

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards show in TV Sunday night?  I didn't.  As a result, I can't comment on the choices.  Why didn't I watch?  I simply could care less.  To be fair, though, I rarely (one should never say "Never" because that comes back to haunt) watch awards' shows, whether it be sports or non-sports.
I've mentioned my feelings of TV hype in the past.  I realize that big shows are a basis of great revenue for the networks, but more often than not, the hype turns me off.  We've been hearing both on the network and local station that the Sochi Olympics begin in February.  I think the only thing all those promotional messages and so-called news stories accomplish is filling time for organizations no longer capable of real reporting.
Sure, if my choice of watching TV is one or two Olympic events or the NBA, I'd choose the Olympics, but I'll bet those games will have limited exposure on my TV.  Those events with winners chosen electronically (timing) or scoring goals, etc., have an infinitely better chance of being seen by me than those events chosen by human judges.  And, yes, included in that latter are events chosen by score when human judges have assigned the points.
I don't think too many readers look at that little box over on the right that says, "Other places I like to visit."  If you are one, however, you may have noticed a very slight change.  The place AMG, As Maine Goes, is gone.  The forum has been silenced and is, therefore, no longer available.  It was, as I understand it, a voluntary decision to shut it down by the owner and editor, Scott Fish, primarily because it had become too time consuming and expensive to maintain.  I'll miss AMG.
A new forum is available for those of us who are conservative and like to share our viewpoints.  Many of the posters from AMG have migrated to The Maine Citizen (, but it is not a fully conservative site.  Anyone can join and discuss any issue or any topic whether it be conservative, libertarian, constitutionalist, liberal.  I haven't seen anything confrontational there as posters seem to be accepting the site's owner's, Bob...sorry I don't know his last name) request to keep the posting civil.  Ideas, points and counterpoints, are the rule of the day.
The Maine Citizen is a new, clean site and relatively easy to navigate.  However, because it is new, it is constantly undergoing changes.  They're all for the better, though, and it gets easier to use every day.  I know you'd be welcome if you'd like to visit it as I do daily.

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