Thursday, January 2, 2014

The snow hasn't stopped our projects . . . yet!

In the cold and snow Thursday, the tree removal crew returned and completed the task they started New Year's Day; they finished taking down two big oak trees that used to be in our front yard.  They also cleaned up all the debris. 
The guy way up there in that bucket did an impressive job, impressive to folk like me who could never have done it, in cutting off the branches and larger limbs.  Probably doesn't sound too impressive and just a routine job, but, although you can't see them, just to the left of the tree is a utility pole which feeds the electricity, telephone, cable, and Internet cables to the house.  One wrong cut and my home would have gone dark in a great big hurry.
But this guy knew what he was doing and none of those branches even touched a wire coming down.  The crew, the others are on the ground moving the cut pieces to a chipper, had begun the process Wednesday but darkness forced them to quit for the day.  They said they'd be back Thursday morning even in the snowstorm, and they were. 
It sure does look strange out there.
While the guys were outside, my wife Sandra and I were dismantling our annual Christmas Village we use as our Christmas celebration decoration.
Because we have a "collectible" display, to maintain its integrity each piece must be re-boxed just like the way it came.  It is a time consuming job.  Sandra took the pieces off the display while I put them into their boxes.  (These pictures are from Tuesday's beginning of the dismantling.)
Without the accessories, trees, and things, the display really looks like an abandoned town.  The trees and accessories you may see here are actually part of the structures.  They will be boxed with their structure.  We plan to box most of the structures when Sandra gets home from her part time job Friday and by mid-Saturday afternoon, our daughter will have helped us take down the tables and light cables.  All will have been packed away for another year and our living room will be back to normal.
I hope you're keeping warm and safe during our first of the year storm.  This long stretch of really cold weather and the snow makes one question the concept of "global warming," doesn't it?

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