Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Another holiday weekend is upon us. Memorial Day. That's Monday, May 30th this year, officially celebrated on the last Monday of the Month. Memorial Day was created to honor those who fought and died during the Civil War. It since has been expanded to include all wars.  We all will take some time to honor those who have served, and their families and loved ones, to make our great country what it is today.  We'll also be hoping their efforts aren't being lost as we move forward in time.

Memorial Day has other significances, as well. Here in Maine, along with the parades and celebrations for the service men the day is also a family day to celebrate the coming of summer. Summer cottages get opened, large get-togethers of family and friends have giant cookouts, Old Orchard Beach opens for the season. In fairness, much of OOB is already open, but this weekend makes it all "official."

Earlier in our history, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 31st.  Congress changed many holidays including Memorial Day to the fourth Monday of the month in which they were celebrated to ease the hardships on businesses with midweek closings.

Like many other families we'll have a cookout, possibly, depending on the weather, both Sunday and Monday. The Gator Ladies will do some light work in the gardens Saturday and we'll just "pig out" Monday. 

Gator Wife and Daughter will plant our vegetable gardens.  We're a wee late this year because of the weather.  They have been able to begin the preparation process, however.  The beds have been tilled and some new soil added.  We love the fresh veggies once they begin arriving later in the summer.

I hope you have a super Memorial Day Weekend. We will.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great beginning to a long weekend. Just a note to say that when my grandmother was alive she always called it Decoration Day. The reason being that graves of lost soldiers were decorated on that day.
Enjoy ,
Mrs. FF

GiM said...
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