Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glorious, just glorious!

I can't think of a better way to describe Memorial Day.  Once some morning clouds, possibly some fog, left the area, the sun came out blazing.  My little spot on this Earth actually climbed into the upper 80s for a little while.

I did take my camera out to try to get some doggy pictures, but I could see absolutely nothing on that screen at the back of the camera.  You've read my feelings before, I'll never, and I use that word "never" very infrequently, buy another camera that doesn't have a view finder.  I snapped the button a few times with the lens aimed roughly at the dogs, but all I got to show for those snaps were no dogs, dogs' tails, a foot or two, and even a couple partial heads. 

So no Golden Gator pictures today.

Speaking of cameras, there was a feature story on the morning news about the difference between taking pictures with a Smart Phone or an aim/shoot camera.  The verdict seemed to be the ultimate destination of the picture was the difference.  The aim/shoot camera apparently takes better pictures for people who print them out to save them, but Smart Phone was just as good for people who just emailed them and kept them in their cameras.

I don't have a Smart Phone, and since I still have 98 minutes of the 100 I bought last December for my prepaid phone, a Smart Phone is probably not in my future. 

My phone does have a camera.  Judge Judy says if one is in an accident or something, a picture is worth a thousand words of recollection in court.  I wonder how it works????

But let's get back to that beautiful weekend.  We succeeded in all our planned tasks and even some that weren't planned.  The vegetables have all been planted and close to a hundred flower seedlings were freshly planted.  The lawn has been mowed again and should be fine until the coming weekend.  Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mentioned Gator Daughter's super Memorial Day cookout feast.

June starts tomorrow and the early indications are that, for the most part, our very wet April and May will give way to a nice month.  How can it go wrong?  Summer starts in about three weeks.


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