Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A fun weekend, Part II

Two months, a lot of it on a tether whenever outside and much of the time inside, and a little girl gets herself a little out of shape.  Last weekend Golden's sister came for her first visit in more than two months.  GG wouldn't be allowed to run and play if she came earlier and it would have been a little unfair for one to have freedom while the other was confined to a leash.

That began to change last weekend as GG finally got her much appreciated visitor.  But, her condition forced to her to take several resting moments.  Thankfully, GG knew when she should take those rests.
A pooped pup

You may see that the hair is growing back on her hind leg where she was shaved for the surgery to repair her knee.  The knee had torn a cartilage when she slipped on ice while running full speed back in February.  It was surgically corrected and, if you look very closely, you can still see the scar on her knee.

She rested a few minutes and then was soon back to exploring the yard with her sister, but she sure did sleep well that night.


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