Friday, May 6, 2011

We like family good news!

What a gorgeous start this Friday had!  The sun is blazing and that portends a potentially warm day.  Like all such great beginnings, though, the weather folk left us with the possibiliy of some shower activity later today.  I think, though, that's mostly in the mountain areas.  I hope my 'think' is correct.

Gator Wife had good news Thursday.  She had been diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago.  She didn't mess around with it and immediately had surgery; and because it was diagnosed as early as it was, the surgeon was reasonably certain she had gotten rid of all of it.  That didn't stop three cancer doctors, however, from carefully monitoring her.  She has gone through several treatments and visits in that year and a half.  Thursday, one of her doctors released her from further visits and turned the whole process over to the other two.  GW had already been told those two would be monitoring her for at least five, probably more, years.

Nevertheless, one down and two to go and it was a most happy day.

Now the weekend is here and it'll be a busy one around the homestead.  I had mentioned earlier this week that we had begun the process of replacing some green bushes along he front of our house.  Weather permitting, they'll find their permanent new home, possibly Sunday.  There'll still be a huge void out there as we totally cleared it last fall.  Once the currently new ones are planted, we'll plan the next stage.

Also, like a goodly number of folks in our section of the world, we'll have to spend some time on the lawn.  It has greened beautifully, but at the same time, it has grown.  I'm not sure this is my favorite time of year.  The lawn is beautiful; but I'm not looking forward to the weekly mowing.  We probably should mow twice a week for the first month or two, but the price of gasoline has caused some changes in those thoughts.

Gator Golden has made remarkable progress following her knee surgery last March.  She is now off the leash and is allowed to roam the yard at will.  Of course, she does wear an Invisible Fence collar which she respects.  She doesn't challenge that "beeping" wire.  Beeping is in quotes here because it could have a double meaning.  It beeps when GW gets to within three feet of it and the other meaning just might represent the expletive she thinks when she hears it.  She knows she has a few seconds to back away to stop the beeping.  If she doesn't, the she gets a little discomforting tingle from the collar.

If I can get an opportunity, I'll get a couple new pictures of GG this weekend to post here next week.  Chances are those pictures would be the only thing here for a few days.  I'm scheduled to spend part of Monday at Maine Medical Center where one of my two heart guys, the one who calls himself "The Electrician," is going to check my ICD, the combo pacemaker/defibrilator that's implanted in my chest.  My last electronic reading showed some abnormalities in the signal and surgery is required to make sure the device is connected properly.

I sure do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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