Friday, May 13, 2011

The Golden still likes the outside

Well, I'll be darned!  Blogger finally let me in.  Apparently some work being done on the blogger main place caused some people to be locked out of the space they occupy.  I'm not complaining, mind you, this is a free service and I respect that.  It's just that I couldn't get a later date on my generic post because of the blogger internal problem.  Now it seems that all is well once again.

And once again we're faced with a weekend, but this one will start the rain coming that the forecasters say won't leave us until late in the week.  They say it won't be a steady rain but rather mostly off and on showers after a near all day event Sunday.  And, as usual, not everyone will be getting that rain or showers.
Gator Golden has truly enjoyed the outside lately.  She likes the weather, likes having "mommy" out there working, and especially likes the freedom of not being tethered. 

Enjoy your weekend.


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