Monday, May 16, 2011

I hope you like lousy weather!

The less than nice weather began with rain Sunday.  It is expected to  be with us right through the week.

Monday:  Yep!  Rain and showers.  Is there anyone who would not welcome the sun's return?

Tuesday:  Yep!  Rain and showers. 

Wednesday:  See Tuesday.

Thursday:  It sure did rain this morning.  I got soaked in just the 20 steps from my exercise place to my car.  But the sun tried to do some good during the afternoon.  Closest we've had to sun all week.

Friday:  Now looking forward to Sunday when there's a chance we'll have a full day of sun.  Today and Saturday, though, might have some peeks of sun but that old chance of showers, possibly some thunder showers, remains in the forecast.  Sunday is the day!  (But then more less than great, except warmer, weather is forecast for next week.)

Sunday:  I'm not sure just what day (see above) Sunday is.  Sure didn't start out the nicest.  No rain in sight, but the clouds are keeping that temperature down, at least in the morning.


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Anonymous said...

Same Thursday! 3-1/2" as of this morning since the beginning of this "event."