Monday, May 2, 2011

May begins on a positive note

Last fall, we made the decision to eliminate all what I call "the green bushes" that lined the front of our house.  They had become very woody, green only for an inch or so below the outside and rather brown after being trimmed.  They were also very old and their times had come.  So we had them pulled out. 

The front of the house has looked rather bare since, but Gator Wife already had in mind how they would be replaced this spring.  She began the shopping and buying over the weekend.  To make the old man happy, she did get a couple of "green bushes," one for each side of the front steps.  They are about a third of the size of the behemoths they're replacing, but they'll grow beautifully.

She also got some of what I'd call "sort of bushy flowering plants" for more of the space,  She says she'll have some low growing green shrubs before she's finished.  From what she says she envisions, I'd say the front will look very nice soon.

The planting of what we already have will take place next weekend, but I'd be sort of surprised, weather permitting, if some of her new stuff doesn't find their new home during the week.

I also had mentioned last week that I hadn't yet converted the snow thrower into a lawn mower.  That, too, was completed over the weekend.  Our first mowing of the year has been completed and we've also spread the Grubex and fertilizer.

So, for us, it was a great weekend and the improvements are underway.

I'll be taking a little time off next week.  Next Monday will be the day I head to the hospital for a little surgery to correct a malfunction of the device I have implanted to keep my heart ticking.  The rest of this week, however, will be light duty and, of course, we have some rain in the forecast for some of it which will curtail the outside activities.


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