Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodbye, April; Welcome May!

We have entered another weekend with one month leaving Saturday and another arriving Sunday.  At least April seems to be heading out on a sunny note, although some chances of showers remain in the forecast.  April in Maine did live up to its reputation of being wet;  April elsewhere in our country became very devestating.  Tornadoes around mostly the southern states wreaked so much havoc that it'll be years before recovery can be complete there.

You may remember a few weeks ago Gator Golden underwent knee surgery.  I would think it's tough being a dog and not understanding what's happening.  But she's been a trouper and tries as hard as a dog can to figure out what we want from her.  As the veterinarian requested, we've kept her under a pretty tight leash to keep her from running and jumping either in the house or outside.  Those tight restrictions have now been eased and one of her two chairs is now open to her.  She now does her outside 'duties' on her own.

Gosh.  I think I've done a terrible thing.  I mentioned this next to last day of the month was a sunny one, but already the milky skies are forming. 

This might be the weekend I finally convert my snowblowing tractor to a lawn mowing one.  Probably won't, but the lawn won't wait much longer. 

Have you noticed the new style headlights and tail lights on new cars?  Many of them are coming through with LED lamps.  They are bright and stylish; but as I followed one the other day, about all I could think about was how much it'll cost to replace them when they burn out.  For the most part, the days of simply changing the bulb, which just about any car owner could do, are getting closer to ending.  In many cars those days are already gone.  I haven't given the new units a close look, but it sure does look like the whole unit, case and all, would have to be replaced.  It just looks like it'll be rather costly.

I remember many, many years ago when I had a car with what were called turn lights.  They came on when the car turned a corner to light the way.  They were supposed to make turning safer, but I don't think they really made much difference.  Of course, as I said, that was many, many years ago.  One of mine expired and I didn't miss it...until I went for an inspection sticker.  Seems any lights on a car at delivery had to work at inspection time.  It took a complete light assembly to replace it and even then was a whole lot more costly than I would ever had anticipated.

Gasoline prices continue to climb and have probably caused many of us, at least Gator Wife and me, to remain close to home this summer.  We have enjoyed summertime travelling, but when gas prices go over the top so do the prices of everything else.  We simply can't afford to travel this year and will miss our annual get-a-way.  We were in the same pickle the last time gas prices were this high.  George Bush was President.  At least he took some action.  Opening up some new drilling caused more panic in the oil producing countries and the prices fell quickly.

Our current President is forming a commission to study the problem.

I've read but have no linkable source for its accuracy so don't know how accurate it is that we have more oil underground in this country than the Arabs have and we could become self-sufficient if we'd only allow drilling.  In this country, however, some people strongly criticizing rich people are becoming rich by getting government subsidies to develop new sources of energy.  Of course those subsidies cause all prices to rise.  And those being critical become even richer themselves.  We don't hear too much about that, though, do we?

I hope you have a very pleasant and happy weekend.


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