Monday, April 18, 2011

Patriots' Day Week

Just think of the great country that secretive ride made, all started by someone dumping some tea into the Charles River.  Or was it Boston Harbor.  I guess that's what happens when one gets on in age...forgetting little facts.  I hope we all find outselves again, though, as there seems to be another force, our own elected people, trying to end our greatness.

Speaking of Boston, is it possible the Red Sox have at last found themselves?  After a horrendous season beginning, the Sox have now won three in a row.  Just a smidgeon too early, though, to declare them all the way back.  Afterall, all three of those wins, including today's 9-1 victory, were against one team, Toronto. 

Tuesday AM:  We won't know until tomorrow if the Sox can win another as they travel to the far coast for tonight's game.  And it isn't until ten or so our time so this Old Gator won't see any of it.  The bad part of the news is Lackey is slated to pitch.

Wednesday AM:  Surprise!  Lackey gave up only one run.  Of course the Sox didn't score any.  The bullpen, including recently recalled Okajima (3 runs), gave up more.  At least Lackey did his job for a change. 

Wednesday PM:  Back on the track with a win against Oakland.  Buchholz joined the starters in having a good outing, giving up only one run.  A couple relievers gave up one each, including Papalbon, as the Sox won 5 to 3.

In case you're wondering why all the Sox stuff, it's easy to fill with.  I mentioned last week I was in for a couple of medical appointment weeks and other than the Sox, that would be all I'd have to use.  So, the Sox saga will continue.

Friday AM:  The Sox climb continues, now 5 of last six end with wins.  Last night Buchholz pitched a strong 8 innings but gave up two runs.  The winning run was scored in the eleventh after Bard and Jenks held the 2-2 tie.  Jenks, the pitcher of record in the top of the 11th when the Sox scored two, got the win and Papalbon earned his 4 save in the 4 to 2 win.

Saturday AM:  Six of the last seven now for the Sox after last night's 4-3 win over the LA Angels.  Lester got the win as he made it through six innings.  A couple relievers made the game a little worrysome before Papalbon pitched the ninth for his fifth save.  Good to see Pap apparently back.  And do you realize the Sox are only 3.5 games behind the Yankees for first place?

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter Sunday.


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