Monday, April 25, 2011

Showery end.

Was it just yesterday when we were mentioning that March was ending?  Seems to me April has just flown by.  It began with stormy weather, and, if the forecasters are correct, it'll end with showers as well.

There is one really good element to the ending of this month.  The wedding of the entire history of mankind will be behind us.  Kate and Willie, oooops! sorry, Will, or is William preferable, will have taken place.  I am so tired of all the hype, which began, I think, two or three years ago.  I honestly don't give a rat's sitdown place about the wedding and the chances of my watching it beginning at four AM Friday morning is about as nil as nil can get.

It might be worth watching, though, just to see the internal drama that the always accurate magazines in the supermarket checkout lanes say is happening.  Gator Wife and I were shopping the other day and I spotted informed us that Kate is pregnant (with a girl, no less, to be named Diana after Will's mother) and the other that told us the couple were headed for a showdown on the eve of the wedding.  And we know, don't we, that those magazines couldn't report that stuff if it weren't true.

I did chuckle Sunday when NBC's Weekend Today Show had a 'man-on-the-street' interview about the wedding.  After all the publicity, very few of those they showed us even knew who the bride and groom were.  When told it was a royal wedding, one poor guy asked if it were the American royalty or royalty from some other country.

I can't help but wonder what's going to happen to the Today Show starting next month.  They won't have the wedding, which has consumed the show for several months, to talk about.  Perhaps Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer have an inkling change might be at hand.  Rumors are rampant that they will not renew their contracts when they expire, Vieira's soon.  Lauer would be missed.  Now you can put about as much stock in the thoughts in this paragraph as people put into those magazine articles in the supermarket checkout aisles.

And this is the week the Maine Legislature reconvenes in Augusta.  They needed a vacation after all the meaty stuff they've accomplished so far.  You know, like making the whoopie pie the state's official treat and the wild blueberry pie the official dessert.  There are two truisms we've learned in the first half of the session.  The Republicans have no clue how to lead and get things accomplished and they've forgotten the only reason they are in control is because the voters wanted change and reform.  On the other hand, perhaps they've learned how to make change by watching President Obama.


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