Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slow week

Anyone remember last winter when we were all warned that cheering for any team but the Red Sox would be a total waste of time?  With all the money spent for new acquisitions and trades made, the Sox just might as well have been crowned then rather than waste time on a season.  Hmmmm!  I wonder how all that is working!

Edited Wed Eve:  At last relief.  The rain gods gave the Sox some peace for at least one day.

And again Thursday:  The schedule also keeps them out of the win/loss columns.

Saturday morning:  We like those days off better, I think.  At least they're not another loss.

Saturday evening:  Well, methinks we like the mostly real Red Sox team better.  And did you notice the apparently greater confidence in the pitchers with Veritek behind the plate?  Now we'll have to see what happens Sunday before we can start thinking the Sox are back.

Sunday evening:  Wow!  Two in a row.  Is it time for the old refrain,"Break up the Sox?"


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