Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The ending of April continues

It's a Wednesday as April heads to a close.  I've been sitting here for a while thinking of things about which to write this day.  Nothing comes.

I could mention that the doctor read the results to me of a CTScan I had a couple weeks ago.  I wasn't worried about that test because if anything of significance showed up, I would have gotten a call right away.  No call came and my suspicions of a good test were confirmed yesterday.  I still have an aneurysm in my abdomen region, but it hasn't changed in three years.  It's in a 'tricky' place so the doc doesn't want to go after it unless it gets worse.  So that test is over for another year and a day.

I could have mentioned that the scan was the final event in my annual medical events, including the annual physical, the regular testing and reading of my heart which includes an echocardiogram, and electrocardiogram and a 'nuke' test on the treadmill, and a visit to have the ICD checked. 

Except the events aren't over.  All the normal ones have been completed successfully, but that little implanted cardioverter defibrillator in my chest decided it wants more attention.  The test I send to Medtronics via telephone showed some adnormalities so I got a call from the cardio surgeon to get the ICD read again in his office.  After that reading, I was given a choice:  Do nothing, have the device simply shut off, or go to the hospital for some tweaking.  It appears, according to the doc, that there's a problem with the lead (wire) that connects the unit to the heart.

Shutting it off wasn't really an option in my mind.  The device is a combination pacemaker and defibrillator.  I have heart disease so that decision was a no brainer.  The doctor explained that within a few months, I'd be getting false zaps which wouldn't be pleasant if I chose simply to do nothing.  He pointed out that along with my discomfort, I wouldn't know if the zapping were real or false so I'd have to call rescue folk each time.  It wouldn't be long before they'd start getting anxious over the repeated calls.

So, early in May I'll be heading to the hospital to spend a day partly unconscious and partly recuperating to have the lead fixed.  I was given options, but to me that was the only good one.

But who really cares about my medical conditions except me.  Well, perhaps Gator Wife and Gator Daughter.  Therefore, I won't mention all those things.

Remember about a year ago my Fearless Friend took us on a journey of cataract correction?  A year later he needs some tweaking, too.  He's going to have a problem fixed today, but he says it's nothing major.

Edited 4/28:  As you can see by his comment below, FF's cataract surgery was a little over two years ago, not the one I mentioned.  Wow!  Time sure does fly by when one is having a good time.  Thanks, FF, for the correction.  By the way, FF told me in an email that the procedure to correct a problem was fast, easy, and, except for some eye drops, painless.  Apparently it was accomplished via laser was not invasive.  Anyway, he says the improvement in his vision is remarkable.

And that still leaves me sitting here trying to think of something about which to write.  Nothing of import is coming, so I'll just move on to another day.

Oh!  It occurs to me I haven't included a picture of Gator Golden for almost two weeks.  Her recovery from knee surgery is coming along fabulously and she's already almost back to her old self.  I'll work on getting a picture or two in the next few days.


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Anonymous said...

This is hard to believe. My cataract surgery was a little over TWO YEARS ago.