Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We've got a lot of snow!

By mid afternoon Wednesday, the massive storm which rolled into our region earlier in the AM hours had rolled through and had ended, at least on the Swamp.  There's a lot of snow out there and now the yard awaits that clean up job.  The weather radar shows no activity between our location in Southern Maine all the way to Florida.  There is some activity between Chicago and Northern Maine, but that's mostly along the Canadian border.

I should point out the meteorologist on Ch. 6 says we'll get more snow this evening, but I'm not sure if she meant here or in Northern Maine.

Edited Wed. eve:  The Ch. 6 meteorologist knows more about reading maps than I.  Another inch or so will fall tonight and the latest radar map confirms the forecast.

Edited Thursday AM:  Another inch or so of new snow fell overnight bringing our total for yesterday's storm to about 10 inches, just a wee bit shy of the 12 to18 that had been forecast.  But coupled with the Tuesday storm, that total did cross the foot mark.  A beautiful sunshine is blessing us this morning so we can get a full clean up accomplished.  Nice day Friday before another storm, forecast this morning to bring 4 to 8 inches of new snow, hits Saturday.

The only one in our family that likes the snow is Gator Golden.  She can climb very high and get a much better picture of her world.  This picture starts about half way up the pile of snow which grows with each driveway plowing or snow blowing.  Here's a little longer look of our precious Golden.
That's two storms in two days that's now behind us.  The weather folk continue to tell us another several inches could arrive in storm #3 Saturday.


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Great pictures of my good buddy. Thanks!