Monday, February 28, 2011

February ends as it began -- with a storm

February draws to a close at midnight and much of this day will be very unpleasant.  We've already had some snow here on the Maine Gator Swamp.  It is forecast to change over to sleet, freezing rain (Is there a difference?) and then all rain before it ends early evening.  Actually, the forecasters say it could end in our part of the state earlier.   Nevertheless, a miserable end to the month!

The storm is not bad enough to close businesses and schools in our region, but many, mostly schools, have closed elsewhere in the state.  It appears from reading the "closed" announcements at the bottom of the TV screen that most of the businesses that have closed are the service oriented, mostly public funded ones servicing children and the elderly.  But that's just an observation.  Most of the schools, not all, are in districts which generally require much bussing.

March should arrive tomorrow like a lamb under pleasant sunshine and nice for this time of the year temperatures.


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