Saturday, February 19, 2011

Presidents' Day Weekend

My slow month continues.  Actually the best day of this month comes up Wednesday when a small group of fellow retirees, all from the same work place, meets for its monthly "last Wednesday of the month" lunch.  We all won't be there, of course, as two of our group spends at least part of the cold winter months down in the Sunshine State. 

This is Presidents' Day Weekend.  It doesn't seem to be as big a deal in this very modern era, but I recall when it was a "big deal" indeed.  The automobile deals for what was then called the Washington Birthday Sale were outstanding.  I bought at least two cars during those old sales.  Now automobile sales are just a matter of everyday life.  Sure, "great deals" are offered but they are really no different that the "deals" offered all year long.  Auto companies offer new sales just about every three or four weeks; and when "last day" ends, the deals continue under another name the next day.

Just about everyone has learned that auto sticker prices and the now advertised dealer invoice prices are bogus and good, old-fashioned negotiations can usually result in a good buy just about anytime of the year.

But back in the day, some extremely good bargains could be had as businesses everywhere had sidewalk sales or special areas set aside inside stores where usually discontinued items could be had for an incredibly good price.  Gator Wife and I used to take advantage of the deals and bought many items for our home during those sales.  Sure, the items were all discontinued, but they were new, most came with their warranty, and we could get them for 50% or, usually, less than their former advertised prices. 

Although many stores continue to offer sales for Presidents' Day, it's been many years since I've seen offerings like those of "the good old days."

Meanwhile, here in southern Maine our roller coaster weather continues.  The high reading Friday was 55 degrees in Portland and today, Saturday, we've already hit our forecast high of 34 degrees.  I guess the only good weather news is the only snow in the forecast is some possible light stuff Monday.

I hope a most pleasant weekend envelops you and your family.


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