Monday, February 14, 2011

A slow week

Now that my newly assembled stationary exercise bike is working just as advertised, riding that three times and a couple days at the senior fitness place I visit each week is all that fills a rather empty schedule this week.

We don't even have weather to talk about this week, except those temperatures could approach 50 at least one day later this week.  Edited Monday night:  Shucks, that temperature almost hit 50 today.  The swamp recorded a 48 degree reading this afternoon.  That, of course, is an unofficial temperature.

Edited again Tuesday morning:  According to the TV weather this morning, the temperature in Portland officially was 50 degrees yesterday.  It was a beautiful day.  Today, though, is a different story.  Right now we have a temperature reading of 19 with a howling wind chill hovering around zero.  The AM TV reports said today's high will only hit about 20.

So that's the way it is this very slow week on the swamp.


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