Monday, February 21, 2011

Thankfully, the end is approaching for a boring February!

Our part of Maine and points south are getting just a wee bit of snow this morning, but not very much.  Probably less than an inch.  Then we'll have just the windy cold weather until our next potential dusting Friday and during the weekend.

The only excitement we have on our plate this week includes a visit to the vet's today.  Gator Golden, she only knows one speed, raced around the house the other day to find her sister, our daughter's Golden.  She slid on some ice and has hurt a hind quarter.  She couldn't walk it off, so today we hope she can visit the doc.

Then Wednesday is our monthly lunch with some fellow retirees, always a fun, happy occasion.

And that's all the excitement we'll find this week, I think.  Thankfully, March arrives next week.


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Naturally I messed up. It would be nice, though, as I'm not a fan of DST.