Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A slow week continues

The Gator Clan's slow week continues.  We have nothing on our schedule for this week except our normal Gator Wife work schedule at her part time job, which she continues to perform I think to get away from me, and my visits to the senior fitness place I use to get weekly exercise. 

I probably haven't learned nearly as much in my many years on this earth that I should have learned and I'm probably nor nearly as smart as I probably should be, but there is one truism that I have learned.  The weather we're having in southern Maine this week is the kind that just invites colds and the flu. 

We started out Monday with temperatures reaching the 50 degree mark, remember this is winter in Maine, then Tuesday our high was 20, at least in the Portland area.  Wednesday is forecast to be in the thirties, then back into the 40s for Thursday and maybe 50s again Friday.  Once again colding sets back in for the weekend as we drop back into the twenties before we could climb back into the 50s next Monday.  The evening weather guy said Monday's temps would be in the 30s.

This roller coaster temperature ride is what my grandmother always taught brought about illness season.  Her solution, and it works for GW and me, is to simply maintain constant winter dress.  We continue to wear our winter coats and other winter stuff, even when the temperature momentarily slips into those 50 degree readings.  When we do get near people who haven't followed Nana's Rule and get exposed to sneezes and sniffles, the cold we get is usually mild.  Neither of us have had the flu since we stopped getting flu shots.

Now since I've made that proclamation here, you just watch a cold or flu come and bite me right where I sit down!

Nevertheless, it always amazes me when I go out in the winter when the temperatures have climbed into the almost beautiful range and see, especially young people, out in light jackets, or just shirt sleeves, and sometimes even shorts with the snow still pile two, three or four feet high. 

'Tis the season for the flu and colds.  I surely hope you escape them.


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