Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A worrisome experience!

We’ve hit the hump day again. Wednesday. The middle of the week. The day that begins the output’s slow fall into the weekend. Well, at least for anyone who works for a living. There’s a few of us who are on a permanent vacation. We’re retired so hump day is just another one when we can choose what we want to do and when we want to do it. That doesn’t change its being mid-week, though.

I didn’t mention Wife Gator’s rough day Monday before now because we didn’t know what was happening. As it turned out, nothing serious. But when she came home from her part time job Monday afternoon, she sort of staggered into the den clutching her chest and the first words out of her mouth were, “Shut up! Call the doctor for me!”

We’ve been married for almost 47 years and that’s the first time she’s ever asked me to call the doctor for her. Having been there, the clutching of the chest was also a scary thing. I didn’t hesitate and picked up the phone. The doctor, of course, wasn’t available; but the person on the other end of the line was very helpful, calm, and seemed to know just what to do.

Meanwhile, WG headed for the bathroom. I have no idea what went on there because I stayed in the den on the phone. But apparently there was a huge release of some sort, not orally. Meanwhile I was answering a battery of questions from the doctor’s office. None of the usual symptoms indicated a heart problem was there. No pain radiation. No shortness of breath. No light headedness. Etc. She returned to the den and sat back in her recliner.

I was a go between for a while. The office person asking, my relaying to WG, then my relaying WG’s answer to OP. That seemed senseless with her sitting right beside me so she took the phone and answered for herself. But whatever that release was seemed to help her out. She appeared to be approving by the second. That massive pain she had had subsided. She said she felt much better.

Nevertheless, the OP gave her three choices: go to the doctor’s office and wait until she could be seen and under the circumstances it probably wouldn’t have been a long wait; go to Brighton First Care (a division of Maine Medical Center) where they could give her an instant electronic appraisal and where the doctors probably would send her anyway if she chose the doctor’s office first; and since the problem had subsided, wait until the following morning and visit her doctor.

WG, now really feeling a whole lot better than just a half hour previously when she arrived home, elected to see her own doctor the following morning.

I’ve been there with a heart problem. In fact, the massive series of events I had a few years ago are still affecting my being today. I was worried about WG. My first instinct was to grab her by the hair and drag her to Brighton. Or even the ER at MMC itself. But her color had returned, her breathing was natural, and it was after going over the episode once again with the doctor’s person, she made her choice. I gave in and honored it.

But I was watching carefully and already knew the first new sign would result in a trip to the ER. I didn’t sleep very well.

Yesterday morning, we were in her doctor’s office. Since it didn’t open until 8:30, I reluctantly had acceded to her insistence she was feeling just fine and to her wish I go to my Senior Fitness routine. But I didn’t take the full time there and was home in plenty of time to get her to the doctor.

I went into the exam room with her. I wanted to hear firsthand what she and the doctor discussed. And after 46 years, it wasn’t a problem. We both often visit the doctor together so we both can know what’s happening and perhaps ask a missed question.

She got a pretty good exam and the doctor determined from her questioning that WG’s problem was probably a big gas blockage from the spicy food she had eaten Monday while at work. She had tried a new diet dinner that was much spicier than most and had more spices than she is accustomed to eating. She described that release the day before as, “…not a burp.” There were two other possibilities as well. One, of course, could have been a heart problem and the other was something I not only cannot pronounce but also I cannot spell. But it started out as a congroit……. but the doctor sort of dismissed it as her pain had come on too quickly for that.

She got an electrocardiogram and the results were exactly as one she had during her annual exam a few weeks ago. So that was ruled out. We came home with the instruction to call if it happened again, but for now, not to worry.

And today, WG has gone to her part time job as usual. But Monday afternoon through yesterday was an interesting time for Old Gators.


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Sheepish Annie said...

Holy cow! I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be OK, but that had to be a stressful time. Send my best wishes for WG.