Saturday, July 5, 2008

The weekend after the holiday

I trust you all had a wonderful Fourth of July and that you have arrived at this weekend, the rest of the Holiday period, safe and ready to return to normalcy, whatever that is.

The Gator family didn’t do very much celebrating Friday. In fact, we did none. Not because we don’t have much joy for this great nation, but because one of us was scheduled to work and another took advantage of the day to get caught up where she works. Wife Gator is scheduled to work three days a week at a store which doesn’t do a whole lot of celebrating, so, since Friday was a normally scheduled day for her, she spent most of the day at the store. Daughter Gator decided to take advantage of her employer’s work option for the holiday and get caught up on some of her work stuff.

So this old Gator spent the day being tormented by the pup which somehow knew it was a holiday and couldn’t figure out why I was the only one here. Even our only neighbors left for the weekend to spend it at their family’s camp. I guess one might say “quiet” was the descriptive word of Gatorland Friday.

Saturday was scheduled to be our day. After a morning for WG to catch up on some rest and for both of us to get caught up on some work around the house, Daughter Gator and her dog are expected for an afternoon of visiting and an early evening cookout. We had some steaks left in our freezer before we shut it down a few weeks ago. They had been moved to the refrigerator freezer for use this weekend. DG is the grilling expert in our family and we expected her Saturday results would be excellent.

Of course the dogs didn’t care if this is a holiday weekend or not. As we mention just about every weekend, they love to romp and play in the yard. Actually, their little dance amuses and entertains all three of us for quite a spell.

Another day of visiting was planned for Sunday. Although no work is scheduled, you can bet both ladies will be in the vegetable gardens checking on the progress there. I’m not sure what the meal will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if pizza didn’t get included somewhere.

Because of the nature of the beast, this is just a simple, light holiday weekend for the Gator family. I’ll most likely get back to my ranting when I return Monday. Until then, enjoy whatever is left of this great Birthday weekend for America.


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