Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The State shows us how to make a surplus!

Yesterday didn’t turn out to be as bad as we had feared. Although a few areas around here did get some rain, including a quick shower in my yard late yesterday afternoon, I wouldn’t put the day down here as anything but a fairly nice one. We had lots of sun, too. Looking at the weather radar from AccuWeather around suppertime, I mentioned to Wife Gator that it looked like we were in the clear for the rest of the night. We were. From what I gather from the morning report, today could be a repeat. At least the sun is shining.

I just reread that opening and saw I used a term that probably dates me just a whisker. Suppertime. Yea, I still call that evening meal ‘supper’ even though most folks, I guess, now call it ‘dinner’ and dinnertime. I eat dinner at noon and breakfast in the morning. Lunch is a hold-me-over meal when I don’t want a full dinner.

I didn’t go, but I would have liked to have had tickets to last night’s Sea Dogs game that featured David Ortiz on rehab from the Red Sox. Big Papi filled the place and within minutes of the announcement he would be in Portland all available tickets were gone. A few years ago my then best friend had season tickets to the Sea Dogs’ games. Quite frequently when his son had a conflicting work shift, my friend invited me to fill his second seat. Probably if he were still with us, his son would find a way to get to these games, but I can dream he might have asked me to one. From what I’ve seen/read this morning, Papi didn’t disappoint.

Exercise. Exercise. I must do my exercise. Well, not quite correct as I’ve already done it. I have no idea what brought that ancient little ditty into my head. I was sitting here writing away and for some reason it just popped in. If I had to make a guess, and I certainly don’t but I will, it’s probably because this was one of the few times I didn’t mention my Senior Fitness visit to the physical therapy center to open a Tuesday or Thursday post. Suffice it to say that even though the air is a little damp and heavy, I had a good hour. And the sunshine helps.

My fearless friend has a couple billion dollars worth of high tech exercise equipment. Well, that might be just a slight exaggeration. He does his workout at home three days a week. He said he did it yesterday but was in a “funk” mood and didn’t quite hit his norm. I hope he’s feeling better today but I think it’s all this lousy weather we’ve been having that is affecting both of our well used bodies.

The news this morning was interesting. Governor Baldacci announced the state ended the last fiscal year with a surplus. Fifty-six million dollars was the amount he used. Doesn’t that sound like great progress? I was impressed, until I started thinking about it. One should never think about government spending because it’s very depressing.

First, I read last month that the state was holding off paying Medicaid hospital and doctors bills until this month. Other June expenses were also put on hold until this month. I guess if I put off paying my bills for a month, I could also develop a pretty fair surplus, at least for me. The state already owes more than 300-million dollars to the state’s health providers. It owes several million dollars to the state’s worker retirement fund. And that list goes on. Some surplus!

So I guess the answer is simple. Just don’t pay your bills and develop a surplus. Makes you look good and there are thousands of people who will accept it. Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll hold off paying my state taxes for the rest of this year. Shucks, that wouldn’t work. The State can get away with it, but that same State would probably put me in jail. And other creditors might get a little cranky. At least New Hampshire isn’t too far away.

Enjoy the day.


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