Thursday, July 31, 2008

WOW! Governor says we have affordable health care.

Here we go again. After a really nice and warm day yesterday, it appears we’re back in the throes of that “unsettled” weather pattern. Yesterday was almost too hot, but it was a pleasant respite from the previous couple of weeks of rain and showers. The forecast this morning, however, indicates that parts of Maine are already back to the showers and thundershowers, and we in Southern Maine can look forward to being there this afternoon. And, says the weather guy, we could be in it through the weekend.

As it does more often than not, the humidity this morning hindered my workout at my Senior Fitness session. Anything I had to exercise that was somehow connected with that hip of mine told me just how much it appreciated the workout. I know this sounds like complaining, but it isn’t. I would much rather put myself through this Senior Fitness stuff than what the alternative promises. The only problem is that after a year of being part of this twice-weekly lift, twist and turn business, I wouldn’t call myself even close to being “fit.”

As I said yesterday, I really enjoy visiting with my fellow retirees at our monthly lunch. Since it is possibly the most informal meal anyone could ever have, it’s more appropriately called a lunch than luncheon. Only two were missing yesterday and I suspect the price of gasoline was at least part of the reason one wasn’t there. She has to travel from her summer camp and we suspect she just didn’t want the travel expense.

Manny Ramirez was one topic of conversation. I think our consensus was that he has outlived his usefulness for the Boston Red Sox. He is a major distraction. The Sox have been steamrolling downhill, it seems, since Manny started this year’s little tantrum. Update: Ramirez was traded today to the Dodgers.

Here’s one to file under “WOW! What world is he living in?” category. Gov. Baldacci nominated several people to serve on the Dirigo Health Advisory Board yesterday. The announcement is on the web site. In the announcement, the governor is quoted as saying:

“Maine proudly leads the nation in addressing access to quality affordable health care,” said Governor Baldacci. “We must maintain this positive momentum. Healthy families and healthy businesses make a healthy economy.”

“Quality affordable health care?” I guess he doesn’t have to pay for his. The “quality” part is probably there. I wouldn’t argue that healthy families and healthy businesses make a healthy economy. Does he call the nation’s highest taxed state which is in debt for millions of dollars a “healthy economy”? Wow! I wonder if there a state, possibly New Jersey I think, that has higher health care costs.

While we’re mentioning political stuff, here’s a comment on the current TV commercial by Maine Sen. Susan Collins. She’s running for re-election against Dem. Tom Allen. In the ad, she says Republicans must negotiate and compromise with the Democrats to achieve bi-partisan goals. That usually results in a negotiation and then a compromise to the Democrats position on any issue. That means, of course, that the Democrats can then claim their bad bills are bi-partisan. I sure do wish Maine had a Republican senator.

Sen. Collins has a new ad now telling us what we need to do to solve the energy crisis. I generally agree with her, but she doesn't tell us how she will transform her nice words into real action.

And the Press Herald web site, when you can get on it, says we may be about to say goodbye to the Blethen Family’s ownership of the newspaper. A local investment group head by Bill Cohen and Bob Baldacci have received a letter of intent from Blethen to sell the paper to them. Might be good news.

Today I guess would be a good one to find a way to stay dry. Enjoy your day.


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