Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot, humid weather and a do-nothing Congress

Yesterday didn’t turn out to be a very nice day, at least in my way of thinking. I had a couple of errands to do first thing in the morning and got home sometime around mid-morning. The day simply went downhill from there. I absolutely do not like hot and humid. Actually, it’s primarily the ‘humid’ part that bothers me the most.

Shortly before noon, a plumber showed up to help me with a problem. I went outside to talk with him as the problem was outside. He asked me to go back into the house to perform a task. We communicated through a window after that. You read about my hip previously. Once that humidity gets into it, I’m done walking for the day. And yesterday’s blast took me out early.

Early indications are today isn’t going to be any better. At least I did get to my Senior Fitness class early enough to be able to complete it; but it was a challenge toward the end. I don’t plan to do much today, either, and Wife Gator is joining me on taking it easy. I love to invoke the warnings during these heat spells that give steps for us older folk to follow to keep safe. One of the steps has never happened to me: No one has checked in on us to make sure we’re O.K.

Now that’s probably not a completely fair statement. We do get phone calls from our daughter from time to time. But we get those in any weather. And my fearless friend likes me to check in with him daily so he’ll know everything is O.K.

We’re in the second half of the year already. Next November we’ll be electing a new President, a senator, and two representatives along with a whole bunch of state legislature creatures. One would never know that neither party truly has a presidential nominee yet as neither nominating convention has been held. I know this year the convention is just a formality as state primary elections and caucuses have picked the convention delegates according to how the candidates ran in the states. That means after next month, Barack Obama will be the Democrat nominee while John McCain will get the nod from the Republicans.

There are two parts to this whole process I truly don’t like. I think this presidential campaign has been going on since the Day President Bush was sworn into office three plus years ago. I don’t remember a longer campaign season. The other part is all the negativism. In this day of instant communications, internet blogging, and money raised that could just about end all poverty in the United States, we don’t get very many nice things said about any of the candidates on either side.

Publicly, the candidates are saying pretty much what they think we want to hear and then, behind the scenes, they send their attack dogs out to point out all the problems of the opponents. And there’s one question I haven’t seen answered yet: Do the Democrats even know President Bush is not running this year? Considering they’ve been in power for a couple years now and absolutely nothing has changed, I wonder what they think they’re going to accomplish after this election. My guess is more of the same: nothing. Hmmm. I’m sounding like the negative people I dislike, aren’t I? Perhaps the parties will tell me what they’ve done that’s positive.

And speaking of doing nothing, much can happen in the next few weeks the change the trend, but I read yesterday that despite oil prices heading out of sight, the price of gas affecting every aspect of the country, and the polls showing that the huge majority of Americans want this country to open oil drilling sites, the Congress is remaining to be a do-nothing Congress and is willing to let Americans simply continue to suffer. And the sad part is, those running for re-election will win again and we’ll continue down this punishing trail.


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