Thursday, July 17, 2008

Roof about finished; Deceptions on Dirigo begin!

Today will be the final day on my roof. The roofer was here as I left for my Senior Fitness session this morning. He indicated he’d have the job completed probably by noon or early afternoon. He has taken this long to complete the job simply because he works all alone. But he doesn’t appear to take shortcuts and seems to make sure everything is right. I’ll miss the noise. Sure, I will.

This was a good day, but not the best, at my fitness place. For some reason, I’m beginning to feel the incoming humidity sooner than usual which simply means much of today’s session was work rather than pleasure. But I accomplished it all and am now looking forward to the weekend.

Today also marks the last day of Wife Gator’s vacation as she’ll return to her part time job tomorrow morning. She still has some days left which she’ll be taking either in September or, more likely, October when we can take a leaf peeping trip. She’s had a very busy week, though. She spent most of her free time working in her various gardens.

Speaking of gardens, we had our first serving of super fresh vegetables Tuesday night. I had some beet greens, which probably raised holy moly with my blood level. I do care, yet I don’t care, as beet greens just may be my favorite vegetable. That’s probably because I only get them for a very few short weeks each year. I’ve been spoiled by WG with fresh veggies and only want certain ones in the picking time frame. Beet greens are among them. We didn’t have enough for both of us which was O.K. with her. She had one of her favorites, Swiss chard.

We don’t have a huge garden so once the vegetables come on, we run out rather quickly. The important part of the two we had Tuesday was the beginning. We should have beans by the weekend or early next week. She has enough tomatoes on four plants to feed the neighborhood when they get ripened. I’d guess that we’re still a week away, however, from most of the stuff that’s been planted.

What a shock we all got yesterday when it was announced that the price of virtually everything has gone up or is about to climb. I’ll bet you noticed the differences in the supermarket where you shop. The report also said that the price of durable goods also climbed. Household things like washing machines, TVs and the like are now more expensive than they were just a little time ago. I don’t recall if the report gave a reason or not, but I’d put my money on transportation and other energy costs. The price increase of vegetables probably can be attributed to the requirement that we use ethanol laced gasoline and so farmers are switching to growing corn.

In Maine, state and local taxation is contributing to cost problems. And Mainers may be giving a hint they’re fed up. If one reads the comments on the news story about the success of the petition drive to get a tax increase passed at the close of the last legislature on the ballot, you will see that the vast majority of posters said they hope the Democrat legislative leaders get the message that we’re too highly taxed. The quotes in the article by those leaders strongly suggest they haven’t a clue. The story and comments were on the Press Herald/ website yesterday, but I haven’t checked this morning to see if they’re still there.

I also heard on the radio while driving to my fitness workout this morning that the governor is saying that if the tax is repealed, 50-thousand people will lose their insurance. That same radio report also said that there currently are only 12-thousand people using Dirigo and more than half of those already had insurance before they took advantage of the state’s assistance. I would guess the governor’s figure will become the talking point for the Democrats. If you hear it, just chuckle knowing it’s a false claim. One of many you’ll be hearing.

Finally this day, I got a new type robo phone call last night. A robo call is an advertisement of sorts generated by a computer. I hung up on last night’s call so I don’t know from which group it was. But the difference in this one from those I’ve received earlier was that the very computer sounding voice greeted me with my name. When I answered the phone, there was a short pause, possibly while the computer decided it heard a male voice and switched to my listed first name to say, “Hello, Gator in Maine, I know how annoying these calls are, but . . .” First, it did use my real name, but I did ‘gently’ replace the handset before it got to tell me who was annoying me. I wonder if WG had answered if it would have greeted her by name. Technology continues to evolve, and has now found another way to turn me against the caller.

Now it’s time to watch the roofer finish the work. As I said, I’ll be glad this project is behind me.


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