Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Simple Little Weekend

My goodness! What a glorious beginning to this weekend! The sun is shining brightly, there are no rains in the forecast for at least the daytime, and the temperatures should be rather nice. It is a Maine weekend beginning as a Maine weekend beginning should be. Unfortunately, the weekend may not end quite as nicely. We’re could be seeing an unusual event Sunday: Rain.

This is a stark change from what we went through during the week. Much rain, heavy thunder/lightning storms, and even a tornado visited the Northeast throughout the week. The destruction was horrendous in some places, especially in neighboring New Hampshire where the tornado touched down causing loss of homes and one life. My little spot was spared. We did get some of the heaviest short bursts of rain I’ve experienced in a long while, and the wind whistled through for several moments. Except for some small dead branches we survived with no destruction.

It’s been a couple of weeks since our daughter and her dog last visited us. They’re expected to be here this Saturday afternoon for a visit and some dog romping. Wife Gator is inventing a new meatloaf and DG said she’s willing to give it a try. I’m a little surprised a grilling meal isn’t on the menu, but it isn’t. I’d bet the gals will spends some time in the gardens getting them back into good shape.

We did have some beans WG picked Friday night for Friday’s evening meal. My goodness, they were good. I’d be surprised if the Saturday meal also included some fresh vegetables which may be the reason for the cooked meal rather than the grilled one.

Our dog knows it’s a weekend. She’s already camped out by one of two windows when she’s still inside looking for her sister to arrive Saturday. She doesn’t understand why her visitors haven’t already gotten here. As soon as that telephone rings and DG lets us know she’s on the way, our Golden will be pacing and gazing until the familiar car is coming down the driveway. When she’s outside, she parks herself right at the corner of the Invisible Fence line and the driveway where she can see an approaching car with ease.

I may get a chance to mow my lawn for the first time in two weeks. That will be fun. Read that last sentence with a sarcastic tone.

Do you know what’s really good about this weekend? The football season has begun. Both the pros and the colleges are now in preparation for the coming season. The team I’m most interested in, of course, is the Florida Gators. Led by last year’s Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, the Gators will take the field for the first time on August30th against the University of Hawaii. The game will be played in Gainesville. Now’s the time to forewarn you, in case you haven’t already figured it out, my posts will be dotted frequently with my Gator comments.

Since this is a weekend, I’ve decided to forego any political comments, although the opportunities to make them are abundant. There’s always Monday. I hope you have a great Maine weekend and we’ll return Monday.


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