Thursday, October 24, 2013

Still wanting a new camera. . .or do I?

One of the problems of posting periodically rather than regularly is including dated information.  Thus my problems this day.  I had planned to use the space to simply share the doings of a pair of great Golden Retrievers, one 10 years old and the other heading into her fourth month.  They are cute together even though the older one tries mostly to be tolerant while the puppy just wants to play with that big dog.

Unfortunately for me, my camera is about the worst one I've ever had and it doesn't have a view finder.  The screen one must use to find a picture is all but totally useless if there's any level of sun.  The auto focus camera also doesn't seem to take very crisp, sharp pictures.  I don't have any new ones for today.

Every time I break out the camera, I'm reminded of a Minolta reflex camera I use to have.  In fairness to the current one, one of the lenses alone on the old Minolta was more expensive than the simple camera I now have.  I lost the Minolta out in Oregon several years ago.  I had done a stupid thing that I knew better than doing.  I left the system in the trunk of my car while our son's wife drove us to where he was working.

When we got back to the motel, something didn't look quite right on my car.  Something wasn't.  A person or persons unknown was looking for easy pickings and discovered my car parked in the motel parking lot.  I guess people who have tendencies to do such things can easily get into a locked car.  I no longer have my camera and several lenses.

That camera would be virtually useless today as it required film.  In this digital age, finding film might be a task.  Getting it developed might be even more of a problem.  I've thought many times that those potential problems might be easier than the frustration of a really inexpensive digital point-and-shoot camera.  Of course, point-and-shoot cameras might work better if one could see at what it was being pointed.

At my age and with other "toys" being more important now, I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a good digital camera.  But I get closer every time I try to take a good picture with my current one.

I had dated my last posting by pointing out the World Series started Wednesday.  It started with a bang.  There were two plays in that game that really caught my attention.  Since I'm a former umpire, I pay special attention to the calls.  I don't usually say unkind things about umpires less I open myself up to hypocrisy charges but a bad call at second base wasn't even close.  Even I couldn't have missed the call.  It was in the first inning and set a tone.  On the front end of a probable double play, the umpire ruled a dropped ball was during the transfer from catch to throw.  Later discussions, and the replay, ruled it correctly that the fielder never even caught the ball and the out was reversed.  The Sox went on to score three runs.

The other one wasn't an ump's call, but rather a fielding lapse one just "never" sees in a pro game.  A very high pop up near the pitcher's mound had the pitcher calling off the other fielders to catch it.  The catcher ran out to catch it.  The catcher saw the pitcher's signal and the pitcher saw the approaching catcher.  Generally, pitchers in the majors don't catch pop ups so the pitcher apparently thought the catcher would get it.  Well, the ball was so high the two players came together and stood their a few feet in front of the rubber about a foot apart.  Both watched the ball coming down.  A viewer could see the men's eyes following the ball all the way down...right to the ground.  Neither made a move to catch it.  The Sox scored two more runs that inning.

And the World Series continues.

See?  Nothing to write about today.  We'll try again this weekend.


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