Thursday, October 31, 2013

Red Sox give us a great ending to a great season

We slept a little later this Thursday morning.  There was a baseball game on the television last night that sort of kept us up a few minutes later than our normal bedtime.  It was worth it.

The Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series.

Because my wife has to go to work early on her work days and because I've gotten into the habit of going to my senior fitness days at the early hour on her non-work days, I've got to bed nights of Sox Series games close to my normal hour.

I did see all the fun plays, like the obstruction call on the Red Sox, and the pick-off play to end one of the games, on the highlight films the next morning. 

But last night was different.  It had the chance to do exactly what it did:  The Sox won their fourth game and thus the World Series Championship.  And it wasn't even close.  On the home front, the pieces also came together to let me do it.  Thursday is one of the days my wife doesn't have to go to work and my visits to the senior fitness center are optional.  So I stayed up those few extra minutes.

Even our dog Mariah, who honestly believes it is her sole duty around here to be sure her 'mommy" is up in time in the morning, understood today was different.  We slept late, for us, this morning.  I have taken a day off my senior fitness session.  And Mariah never moved to wake up my wife.

Thank you, Boston Red Sox, for making this a memorable season.  After all, last year they were the worst team in Major League Baseball.  They had a manager that no one liked and a few players that thought they were above the team.  Three of those players were dumped during last season and others departed during the winter.  The manager was shown the door.

A whole lot of team players joined the remaining ones and the season was dedicated to once again become an adhesive, winning team.  The also wanted to give Boston something to be proud of after the terror bombing shortly after the baseball season began.  That goal was another success.

So, congratulations to the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and thank you for giving us an exciting season.