Thursday, October 17, 2013

A New T-Shirt

I have a new T-Shirt.  It is marked with the logo and company information of Saco Bay Physical Therapy and M.O.G. (medically orientated gym).  I earned it by completing six strenuous weeks of physical therapy on my shoulder.  I'm hoping the work will allow me to avoid a potential shoulder transplant.

I won't go into all the details of the therapy but one therapist examined my shoulder and gave me some tests to prepare a program of therapy for me.  My shoulder doctor had told him what the problem was and specific areas he wanted improved in the prescription for the service.  This therapist was the main one in a group of four which included one student.  Although each followed the plan directly, each had his/her own way of accomplishing the various tasks so I was introduced to a lot of variety in exercises.  I rotated among the group as one person was responsible each session.

I'm very happy to be able to say they gave me great praise for my work and my final tests results far exceeded the goals established for me.  As a result, I have a new t-shirt.

If you ever need physical therapy, there's not a better place than Saco Bay (  Everyone there from the front office welcomers to the staff performing the work were nothing but super, friendly, encouraging people. 

I didn't plan to return to politics in these ramblings, but events have caused me to just wander a little bit. 

First, the rollout of Affordable Health Care commonly called Obamacare, which certainly isn't affordable and will cause massive increases in the cost of health care, is now open for business.  By next March everyone in America by law must prove they have health insurance or face a fine (called fees) and the government opened a web site where Americans who do not have their own coverage can sign up for one of three plans. 

That web site hasn't made it too easy to sign up, though, as it has crashed several times and has caused many very long waits for users.  I would observe that this beginning doesn't give too much confidence of the greatness of this government health.  Just wait until you need some service!

To show you just one reason why the cost of health care is going to go out of sight, the government paid more than 292 million dollars as of Saturday for the website.  And that's just one example of where we're heading.  Getting service doesn't even start until January.  It'll be interesting to see how much that will cost us over original estimates and how long the waiting periods will be.  What a disaster!

Finally today, does anyone really believe the "deal" to keep government open and bills paid for the next three months has solved the budget/debt problem in Washington?  Did anyone not know a "deal" would be reached on the deadline eve?  Nothing has changed.  The debt will grow to more than 17 trillion dollars.  The cause of the debt, which includes the growing Obamacare costs, has not been resolved.  We're told a Congressional committee will meet to resolve a budget before January 15th.  Do you believe it will be resolved?  Let's see...I have this bridge . . .

I sure do wish I could run my household budget the way the government runs its.  Unfortunately, when I overspend, I have to make cuts elsewhere to make up what I have coming in.  The federal government just borrows more money which we, you and I, must pay back.  Our congress critters, who generally go to Washington as normal, sometimes even poor people leave the Capital as millionaires.  They have no incentive to make any changes.  Once there, it seems almost impossible to get rid of them.

We sit around complaining and moaning about them and then check off their names again at their next election. 

It's not going to change as a result of this deal.

I'll climb back down my soap box.


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