Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow coming??? Well, Maybe!

I've written a lot of words over the last few weeks about our lack of winter here in Southern Maine along the coastal section.  Sure, we have had a few flakes here and there so we do still know what it looks like.  But I've been following the fun folks on coastal Alaska have been having.  I can't even imagine what more than 18 feet -- yea, you read that right, 18 feet -- of snow would be like.  That's what the good people of Cordova, Alaska, are seeing outside their homes, several of which have collapsed under the weight.

That's not the deepest.  Nearby Cordova is Valdez, you know of the oil spill fame.  They're passing the 21 foot mark.  And that's not even the normal.  Almost, though.  The average annual snow in the area reaches about 27 feet.  I'd sure like to see an inch or two of snow here this season, but I certainly wouldn't want us to get 320 inches.

Oh, by the way, that Alaskan coastal area is again in a snow storm.  Another foot or two was expected in this one.

Back here in Maine, our fortunes could be in for  change, though.  Certainly not as drastic as the Alaska situation, but the forecasts here say we could be getting some real snow Thursday.  A goodly portion of our area, especially just a few miles away from the coast, could get up to six fee...whoops, I got carried away writing about Alaska... six inches of snow, the first real storm in January.  Here along the coast, though, it'll depend on that old standby, The Track.  The Wednesday morning forecast said we might get a couple of wet inches before it turns over to rain.  Again, it's that track.  We'll know Thursday morning.

Another one is down.  The second test for Republican presidential candidates took place Tuesday and surprise! Romney won.  He lived up to the polling exectations and beat runner-up Ron Paul.  Jon Huntsman, who spent all his time only in New Hampshire, was third making these three the targets heading south.  Rick Santorum, who spent nothing in New Hampshire, was unable to follow-up on his close second showing in Iowa, and Newt Gingrich virtually tied for fourth place.  And Rick Perry, who had stayed in South Carolina during the New Hampshire quest, finished in last place.

Now it's South Carolina's turn to get all the robocalls, blanket ad campaigns, and news totally dominated by the chase.  Perhaps there'll be one or two fewer still in the hunt (even perhaps by mid-morning today), but that's not certain just yet.  It is possible, probable, that if not before certainly after S.C. the cast of six could be reduced.  I do believe I'm glad I'm not in South Carolina so don't have to go through all of it again.  We'll still get our share, though.

And speaking of robocalls, did you see the people complaining in New Hampshire about the number of those automated calls they got.  I liked the comment of one voter exiting the polling place.  Asked when he made up his mind, he responded, "About 30 calls ago."

Here's an  interesting tidbit in the news.  The good people of Madison, Wis., are resting a little easier.  Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, a 30-year-old man, was arrested in a tennis court.  He was charged with excessive drinking and using drugs.


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