Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The end begins, but it's still a long road

This is a good day.  We'll finally get Iowa out of the top of the news.  Finally!  Of course New Hampshie will still be right up there and, because of our proximity to New Hampshire, the onslaught of the primary there will make Iowa's efforts look rather dismal.  Then we'll be on to even more of these state promotions.

I heard one pundit, sorry-don't remember which one, say that it might be possible the Republican nominee will be known by the end of February.  That's probably too much to hope for.

I'm selfish.  I'm beginning to think of only how all this stuff will affect me.  Truth is, it won't.  I can't vote in Iowa.  I wouldn't anyway as one has to pay to vote in the caucus.  The results tonight could affect the ultimate choice of a nominee.  Did I read somewhere, though, that the Iowa caucus isn't consistent in choosing an eventual winner?  I believe New Hampshire has a better record.  But I can't vote there, either.  Nor can I vote in any of the other primary or caucus states except Maine and this state's turn doesn't come around until well into the process.  By then, we'll already have a strong hint of whom the national convention will choose this summer.  Maine, incidentally, will hold its caucuses in mid to late February, but the state conventions to select people for the national one won't be until much later.

I will vote for the Republican nominee next November; except there's one candidate I could never give the "X" to.  If that person gets the nomination, I'll probably just stay home as I couldn't vote for the other team's nominee, either.  That other team has already chosen current President Barrack Obama to try for a second term.

We had hoped for great things last year when voters gave Republican majorities to both legislative houses in Maine and the House of Representatives in Washington.  There were also enough Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate to affect change.  Maine also made it a trifecta with a Republican governor so they had total control in Maine.

I'd give Maine Gov. Paul LePage high marks for his efforts.  We haven't had nearly the improvement that many of the wing of the party I mostly support wanted.  But that's not because Gov. LePage hasn't tried.  He's worked tirelessly to get our economy and jobs market under control along with changes in our tax structure and medical care.  Currently he's working extremely hard at getting the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) under control.

The problem is in the Maine Legislature.  Most politicians in both Maine and the for Federal offices work only for one goal:  get re-elected.  To Hell with the state and nation.  They can't bring themselves to recognize the trouble both this state and country are in.  If they do have a glimpse of it, they don't have the will to do anything about it.  After all, they need to be re-elected in November.  Furthermore, many members of Congress and the State Legislature were members when all the spending and growth of government began.  It's very difficult for people to admit they were wrong and make corrections.

Gov. LePage knows the problem and is trying at least to get the spending and debt under control.  President Obama has no clue and is only working to make it worse.  I will give the President a compliment, though.  He sure can speak a good game and get many people fooled.

I guess I'm spending a lot of words to say simply that considering the cast of characters the Republicans are considering and the Democrats choice of President Obama, when it's all over next November, nothing will change in either the state or the nation.

I'm sad at the direction we're taking.

But, at least the first obstacle will be completed later today.


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