Friday, January 20, 2012

It's kind of pretty outside this Friday morning.  The snow that fell overnight wasn't unexpected and it seems to have turned out just about the way it was forecast.  Most of us didn't see the storm as it raced through our Southern Maine area overnight.  Because Gator Wife works Friday mornings, we were up sometime between 4:30 and 5 and the snow had already stopped.  At least here the snow is that light, fluffy stuff that's really easy to clean up, especially if one gets to it before the sun begins the melt.  The weather forecasters tell us we will get some nice sunshine beginning this morning.

By 5:30 this morning, our neighbor had already plowed the driveway and our porches and steps were swept off so we're basically all set.  All we have left is a little brushing in front of the garage doors and the deck. And it's not even six o'clock, yet.

Here's an oddity for you.  As of this hour at least, Portland Public Schools in our area is the only system that has closed for the storm.  We do have some one or two hour delays in a few other systems around here.  The oddity is Portland Schools are rarely the only ones closed for storms and more often than not, among the last to throw in the towel.

The less than good news for the weekend, though, is that another storm is heading our way and could possibly (depending on that track) give southern sections of Maine some more snow Saturday.  The we could be in a storm track with more storms about every other day into next week.

Today's storm will quickly leave the who state later this morning, but the scenery is rather pretty this morning.

Traveling s a wee bit slow; but like most of the time, if drivers simply add a few minutes to the commute, they should be O.K.  Both Gator Wife and our daughter had to go to work this morning; but being a thoughtful person, GW has checked in with the Old Man to let him know she arrived at her job in fine fashion.  I expect to hear from our daughter soon.

The ground will be pretty for a while this weekend and we have little else planned except to enjoy it.  I doubt Gator Daughter and her pup will be visiting, though, as we sort of discourage our dog from romping too hard in this weather to protect that leg she injured last winter.

I hope you have just a super weekend.  I think the earlier you can get your yard cleaned will make the task easiest for you.


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