Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Politics and Football

I don't have much to offer this morning so I'll visit a couple of outdated items.

First, I watched part of the Republican debate from Tampa Monday night.  I kept talking to the TV, which doesn't seem to listen to me, trying to tell Brian Williams, the moderator, that there were four guys on the stage, not two.  I didn't put a stop watch on it, but it seemed that Williams paid a lot more attention to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich than he did Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.  He did give them a token appearance every several minutes or so.

What I don't understand is all the attention to the tax returns of Gingrich and Romney.  Who really cares?  I think this non-issue is simply a news media attempt to turn the upcoming election into a class war as that is what the President seems to want.  We already know that Romney and Gingrich are rich.  Very rich.  But they aren't the only rich people to ever run for office.  Was being a member of the fifth wealthiest family in America ever examined when John F. Kennedy was elected?  I don't remember so.  But that's just one example.  And has anyone demanded the tax returns of Santorum and Paul?  I think the President has released his, but, again I ask, who cares?

For goodness sake, what politician down there in Washington isn't rich?  There are a few who may not have reached the million dollar mark just yet, but there are many others who have become millionaires.  As I see it, a major problem with gaining that wealth is the individuals' growth of the need for greed and the putting aside the good of America to gain it.

The politicians' protection of their money becomes the reason for being elected, not protecting the richness of America.

I've now watched parts of two debates and have learned extremely little about THE ISSUES.  There is a distinct possibility I'll be participating in the worst election as far as choices go in my lifetime.  I've heard people say in the past that they're voting for the "lesser of two evils."  I'm beginning to think the November choices may have sunk even lower, if that's possible.

Gingrich and Romney are playing right into the hands of the backers of the President.

The sports world is ending the National Football League season in an almost similar situation.  "My team" will win the Super Bowl; that's a guarantee.  I've been a fan of the NFC's New York Giants about as long as I can remember football.  When I was growing up, the Giants was the only team anywhere close to Maine and almost all the news coverage then concerned the Giants.  Because when the television began covering pro football, coverage was regional so again, all I really had was the Giants. 

Then as I returned to live in Maine in 1960 after a stint in Florida, an upstart football league, the American Football League, began its inroads into our lives.  I can't say the Boston Patriots, at least back then, took over the football spot in my heart, but at least we had a New England team for which to cheer. In 1970 the AFL merged with the NFL and two conferences, one consisting of most of the old NFL teams and the other mostly the AFL teams with a few, three I think, switches.  The National and American Conferances were born and the Boston Patriots became the New England Patriots.

I had dual favorites, although it would still be a while before the Pats rose to consistant prominence.

Therefore, on Feb. 5th I'll enjoy this year's Super Bowl as both "my teams" will be in it.  I can't lose.

Where, then, does the similarity arise?  Well, this could be the first Super Bowl played by losers.  I watched both conference championship games last Sunday.  Yup!  The Pats scored three more points than the Ravens and the Giants followed suit against the 49ers.  However, did the Pats and Giants really win these games?  Or did Baltimore and San Francisco lose them.  I think there is a difference.  So, I say again, this could be the first Super Bowl played by losers.

(In case you're wondering why no mention of Pres. Obama's speech or Gov. LePage's speech, I have no comment.  Most of these types of speeches are rhetoric and sound nice, but it's the doing that counts.  And I haven't had a chance to digest either as I didn't watch them.)


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