Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow came! That's enough!

O.K.  I've been lightly suggesting for the past few weeks that I'd like some snow.  All I wanted was a little to turn the ground white and give us a winter look for a little while.  Well, the ground is white.  I don't think the forecasters I watch quite got this one right.  Inland a way, where it should be, was to get perhaps eight, perhaps more inches of snow.  We along the coast were supposed to get an inch or so and then have the storm turn to rain.

The storm gods forgot to watch my weather forecasters.  They turned the amounts around...much at the coast, less inland.

One of them said in a Thursday morning broadcast that a front fooled them.  It got right off the coast an inch or two and then stopped.  It was strong enough to hold the cold on the land side and keep out the warmer weather on the ocean side.  So we got all snow.  I think some coastal areas Downeast did see a changeover to rain, but my little chunk of the world was all snow, about a half a foot or more of it.  The weather of TV said Friday morning, my area got 10 inches.  Yes, while I was out snow blowing, I did feel about four minutes of sleet.

My super neighbor Ed has a snow plow and he took care of the bulk of the driveway for us; but Gator Wife and I did the rest with a shovel and the snow blower.  The "rest," of course, are the walkways, porches, steps and a deck and area directly in front of the garage.. 

Friday could give us a few more flurries or snow showers or even rain, but bitter cold weather will also be ushered in possibly ending our winter of warmth.  Did you see Sunday's project high?  Ten degrees.  Now that's cold.  I know Gator Daughter won't bring her dog here for a Sunday romp this weekend. 

There is one thing I have learned during this spell so far:  I had forgotten just how much my aging body hates the cold.  I've been taking, at my doctor's orders, a blood thinner for several years, too, and that doesn't help.  When we finished our cleaning task Thursday, I was so cold I wasn't sure even the fireplace would get me some warmth again.  It did.

Now we have a weekend for all the rest of the cleanup.  Other than that, we, at least, have no plans.  I will, however, begin my thoughts that no more snow is needed for this year.  I'll bet those snow gods don't hear those thoughts, either.  Thursday taught me a lesson about wishing for snow.

I hope you get your place cleaned and then have a wonderful weekend.


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