Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow to end the month?????

Well, it depends on the track that will decide whether or not we end this week with some potentially plowable snow to end this week, the final hurrah for March, 2011.  Naturally, like all potential storms in Maine, that "track" will be the final determiner; and, considering the track records of the forecasters in the last few years, I guess I won't spend more than this time thinking about it.

In the meantime, Gator Golden continues on her way to healing from surgery to correct a torn  ligament in her hind knee.  She's done a super job of letting the staples do their job of healing the incision.  All are still there.  Perhaps my little discussion with her about wearing that horrendous cone thingy on her head if she didn't leave them alone worked.

The staples are scheduled for removal next week on the same day, incidentally, my Fearless Friend and Mrs. FF, leave their winter home in Florida for another season and head home.

This week, though, our only activity will be attending the luncheon several fellow retirees and I have on the final Wednesday of every month.  That's an activity I always enjoy.


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