Thursday, March 17, 2011

GG's knee surgery went well!

Wednesday was a tough day on the Maine Gator Swamp.  Gator Golden had slipped on ice a couple weeks ago and tore a ligament in her knee.  Wednesday it was surgically repaired.

We are very happy to report that the surgery went very well, except the vet also discovered she is loaded with arthritis and so the chances of her other leg needing the operation has increased.

When she came home Wednesday night, she was, naturally, lethargic but went directly into her safety zone, her crate, to rest.

Thursday morning was a little better and she had ventured forth but without encouragement from us, she is taking it very easy.  As long as she isn't too active, she won't be confined to the crate.

I'm truly not sure who is more disturbed by her discomfort...Gator Golden or Gator Wife or me.  But as long as she's near us, she seems quite content.

She is not at all familiar with being on a leash so she is having a difficult time taking care of her personl needs outside.  She apparently is not sure if it's OK to deposit waste material with one of us within a couple of feet.  We're working on that one.
That surgical spot on her hind leg doesn't look too bad, but from watching her protect the leg, I guess it remains a little sore.  We do have some anti-inflammation pills, some antibiotics, and some pain pills.  The vet gave us a regular schedule for the first two but said we only should give her the pain pills when she needs them.  The shaved spot on the front leg, incidentally, is where the I-V for the anesthesia and other medications had been inserted.

I'm still waiting for her to ask for a pain pill.

So now we're in for several weeks of recovery.  You'll be able to follow that adventure periodically right here.


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