Monday, March 21, 2011

Another week in March

March continues on and the next to last week is underway.  Except for a forecast miserable day Monday, I have no eventful events on my plate.  Spring sprung yesterday, but from what forecasters predict for this Monday, the snow gods forgot to read the forecast.  One forecaster says we'll get from one to three inches of snow in our little area of Maine and another is saying the potential for two to five inches is there.  It's that "track," don'tcha know. 

Gator Golden continues on her way to recovery from her knee surgery.  She now puts her leg on the floor more than she did and even is applying weight to it.  She also wants to climb into her favorite chair more often and thinks we're punishing her for something she knows not what because we won't allow her to jump.  That, of course, is part of the doctor's orders.  She's also balking more at the leash.  Since she's getting her ambition back, she's not happy being held back.

I don't have any new pictures today.


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