Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GG's improvement continues, perhaps a little ahead of schedule

It has been a week since Gator Golden underwent surgery to repair a torn ligament in her hind left knee.  Progress has been wonderful.  I don't have any new pictures yet as when I try to get one showing her improvements, my very slow camera takes the picture after the moment passes.  I can get pictures of her sitting or lying, but they don't show her continued increasing use of her leg. 

And that's where the improvement is.  She now walks with all four paws on the floor/ground and puts enough weight on that repaired one to hold her limping to an absolute minimum.  If she does want to put a little more quickness in her travel, she still hold the leg up, but even lets it touch occasionally.  Of course we are under instructions to keep her from running as much as possible.

She has two chairs in which she's allowed to get.  Both are near windows that allow her to keep track of what's coming down the driveway.  Both are temporarily off limits to her, though, as more the vet's orders say no jumping.  She does not understand that and thinks she's being punished for something.  (Perhaps technically she is for racing on that ice three weeks ago.)

Her "duty" station activities continue easily.  We had had trouble in the beginning as she had never been on leash before; but now we take her to her special place, remove the leash while she takes three or four steps away, completes those necessary tasks, then returns directly to be reconnected.  Unfortunately, Gator Wife has about 90% of the responsibility of taking care of these needs as it is extremely difficult for me to walk on the lawn.

The next visit to the veterinarian is in two weeks when the staples are scheduled for removal.  Until then we are watching the little girl carefully and letting her know how happy we are as she continues to improve.

As for me, I'm almost sorry I gave up my political comments.  There are some issues in the news that I'd almost like to return to the old blog to offer my uneducated, highly opinionated thoughts.


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