Monday, March 14, 2011

Not a happy March week

The winter doldrums continue on the Maine Gator Swamp.  But, of course, spring arrives soon.  We've already returned to daylight savings time.  I saw a cute joke on a forum I read regularly.  "The Old Indian" said, "Only the government could cut a foot off one end of a blanket and sew it on the other and say we had a longer blanket."  I think it's an old one, but I still like it.

Why is this not a happy week?  Wednesday Gator Golden goes to the vet hospital to have her hind left knee surgically repaired.  She slipped on the ice a couple weeks ago and tore the ligament in the knee.  The poor little pup (she's seven years old) is in for several weeks of recovery.  That means she won't be allowed outside except on leash and someone, mainly Gator Wife, walking her.  We have a sling-type device to help her up and down stairs.  And she understands none of it.

GG is too important in the clan's lives not to take care of it, but we're all in for some 'interesting' times.  For anyone who may be interested, I'll give a report sometime Thursday.  But right now, it's a tough Wednesday that'll be holding all our attention.


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Anonymous said...

Good wishes to GG and her parents too. Know that we will be thinking of all of you on Wednesday and looking forward to the reports on Thursday and into the future weeks. Tell GG that I am looking forward to seeing her smiling face in a few weeks.