Saturday, March 26, 2011

March's last weekend

March is marching to its end as we are in the final weekend of the month.  It officially leaves us next Thursday.  It's been a different kind of March for the Gator Clan.  I crossed into another year as did Gator Daughter.  We're both old enough that it doesn't make that big of a deal.

It is Gator Golden who faced the biggest challenge of the month.  Late in February she slipped on a patch of ice while racing around the corner of the house and tore a ligament in her knee.  She didn't complain, but the rest of us suffered just watching her maneuver on three legs.  By mid-March, she had undergone surgery to correct the tear.  It was successful and now, even though a whole row of staples remains in the incision, she is walking on all fours once again.  By late in the days, however, the leg gets tired and she favors it just a bit.  The staples will be removed in early April.

Have a great weekend.


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