Sunday, November 21, 2010

Village 2010 progress #5

Edited to add Thanksgiving night:   The Village is just about complete and right on schedule.  All that is left is to add the skirt to cover the underpinnings and the "Fresh Fallen Snow."  These two tasks, which should take about an hour,  will be accomplished, also as scheduled, Saturday and the Village 2010 will be officially lit.  I'll publish my final progress report sometime Sunday.

The construction of the Gator Clan's annual Christmas Village continues right on schedule and we are very pleased.  Each year we construct a Department 56®  Lighted collectible village as our celebration of the Christmas Season.  We begin construction on Veteran's Day with the Official Lighting sometime between Thanksgiving and that weekend.

You can see previous progress reports by selecting one of the "Village" posts under November in the blog archive to the right.

Perhaps you remember the beginning of our mountain of a few days ago.
We've added some trees and other accessories, all Department 56® creations, and this is how the mountain looks today:

We've also added accessories, including trees, to the section between a wall and behind our living room sofa:

One area, our Village Square which depicts the story of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the story of Ebenezar Scrooge and Tiny Tim Cratchet, is about 90% completed with only some trees to be added this week.

And finally, the buildings, a river, a wooded section, and a skating pond have all been placed in the largest section of our village.  We'll be adding the accessories, people and trees, during the week and on
Thanksgiving Day.  This is exactly where we thought we'd be at this time.

We'll spend some time Thanksgiving carefully looking over the finished village.  We'll fill in any empty or bare spots we find with additional people, other accessories including trees, to complete the village.  Saturday, Gator Daughter and Gator Wife will put a skirt around the whole project to hide the under structure, including the wiring, and then the final step in the project, spreading Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow®, throughout the entire Village 2010.

When darkness arrives, we'll officially light the village and our Christmas Season Celebration will be underway.

After the lighting, I'll take a final series of pictures to show you our completed Village.  That'll probably be Sunday.


Note:  Department 56, Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow, and all villages mentioned in this series including the Victorian Village Series and the Dickens Village Series, are registered trademarks of Enesco, LLC.

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